Our Classes


All Classes start with a coach’s brief. Here they break down the workout, demonstrate each exercise and help participants improve their technique. We don’t jump into the workout until the coach is happy that all everyone is equipped to tackle the workout safely.

From here, we jump into a quick warmup to get the blood flowing and mobilize out bodies. Then it’s time for the daily workout. Each workout is created by our coaches and includes a mix of mobility work, cardio and strength training to ensure you get a total body workout. The program is carefully curated to ensure all participants, regardless of their fitness level, have options to challenge themselves in a safe environment.

You can learn more about each of our classes below. To find out when the classes are running at each facility, access our timetable here.



Our 60-minute CrossFit classes sessions are our bread and butter. They combine a unique blend of cardio, strength training, and mobility work to keep your body guessing with every session.



Time poor? Look no further! A weekday Rapid class is the perfect way to work up a quick sweat without all the fuss of barbells and heavy equipment.


Super Saturday

Kickstart your weekend the right way. Super Saturday sessions are a favourite at Colossus. Get your crew together and drop in for a 90-minute team/partner challenge session.