CrossFit Colossus Statement – re Greg Glassman

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It’s taken me a while to decide the best way to address what’s been going on with CrossFit HQ and more specifically the comments made by Greg Glassman.⁠ I decided that what needs to be addressed isn’t the comments of one man, but more the fact that his comments are completely opposed to the views of the greater CrossFit community, and most certainly the views of CrossFit Colossus.⁠ The real issue here isn’t even that CrossFit HQ has behaved in a way which is painful and embarrassing to be affiliated with, the issue here is that we are still living in a world tainted by inequality and ignorance to that fact.⁠ I don’t know what we will be doing as a community going forward. The concept of affiliation describes a shared belief and value system – this is currently not the case for CrossFit and Colossus.⁠ What I do know is that we have, and always will be a community that embraces diversity, and values all members as equals, and that an 8 letter word beside our name doesn’t define us.⁠

– Hamish