21 Aug, 2019, 6:27 AM

A typical class can be broken down into 4 stages:

1. Warm up

The coach will guide all participants through a warm up tailored to the workout being performed that day 


2. Strength / Skill Training 

This is where we break away and perform strength or skill work. This could be anything from sets of squats or deadlifts, to gymnastic skills practice like pull ups or handstands. 


3. The Workout Of the Day (WOD) 

This will typically be some form of high intensity workout. This could include cardio machines, weightlifting, gymnastic work or pretty much any combination of different exercises you can imagine. 


4. Celebrate / Pack Up / Cool Down 


After the workout we take a minute to support one another with fist bumps and hi-fives. We 

pack up any equipment used and stretch out major muscle groups used during the session. 


All of our classes are fully coached, and appropriate options are given to suit complete beginners, all the way to experienced athletes. We do not require you to have any prior fitness knowledge and we pride ourselves on being able to deliver our program to a diverse range of people.